Funeral Cars Southampton

Funeral Cars Southampton

Henry Powell & Son are traditional family undertakers, based in Southampton, with a fleet of funeral cars which includes Volvo hearses and limousines.

The funeral cortege is a particularly moving aspect of the funeral itself; you may choose the traditional hearse and limousine or the funeral car can reflect the deceased’s personality if preferred. 

Traditionally, the deceased will travel in the hearse with floral arrangements laid around the coffin and family following closely behind in their own limousine. Alternatively, they may have decided prior to their death that they would prefer to travel in a classic car, vintage vehicle or even a horse-drawn hearse and carriage, either way we can cater to their wishes. 

Those attending the funeral will follow the cortege in their own vehicles as it takes to the road between your chosen departure point and cemetery or crematorium. If required, we can pass places which hold significance to the deceased’s life in Southampton. 

Following the funeral service our limousines will usually return you to you requested destination. You may have arranged a wake in a nearby venue, where family and friends can gather to share memories of a loved one lost. If so, the funeral cars may be used to take you to the venue. 

If you are planning a funeral with Henry Powell & Son of Southampton and would like to discuss which funeral cars will be required, please do not hesitate to get in touch.