Funeral Services & Arrangements - Undertakers in Southampton, New Forest, Totton

Funeral Services & Arrangements - Undertakers in Southampton, New Forest, Totton

A funeral is no longer a one size fits all occasion; a ceremony can be as unique as the individual it celebrates. Henry Powell & Son can help you decide which type of funeral is suitable in the circumstances. The decisions made in relation to any aspect of the funeral should be made with the best interests of both the family and the deceased in mind.

Will it be a burial or a cremation?

When deciding between a burial and cremation, there are many factors to be taken into consideration such as religion, tradition and the preference of your loved one.

Where will your loved one be buried?

Burials are usually performed in a church yard or cemetery. It depends on the regulations of the local authority and availability whether you can use an existing grave or create a new one.

Does your family have an existing grave?

To bury the deceased in a family plot you will need the deeds of the grave (or related documents) which will need to be presented before any additions can be made. If the papers aren’t available, we will be able to obtain a copy. You must be sure that there is enough space within the grave before your loved one is prepared for burial.

Will there be a cremation?

You can decide to have a full service before the cremation or a simple committal service. The coffin may be shown moving away from sight or there could be a closing of the curtains. If you would prefer for the curtains to stay open or the coffin to remain in situe, please ask and we will accommodate your request.

If you would prefer an alternative to the traditional burial or cremation, we can offer eco-friendly woodland burials.

Should you wish to discuss your requirements in detail, do not hesitate to call us or come and see a member of our family and we will be able to advise you.

We serve customers throughout Southamphon, New Forest, Totton and the surrounding areas.