Funeral Services Southampton

Funeral Services Southampton

Henry Powell & Son is a long established family of funeral directors who have been personally conducting funeral services in Southampton and surrounding areas for over 220 years.

Funeral services are moving away from traditional, melancholic affairs and becoming more personal celebrations of life which can be as unique as the individual. 

We can tailor to any funeral service to suit your requirements in the circumstances and the wishes of your loved one. It doesn’t matter whether you require a traditional, modern, minimalist or eco-friendly funeral service; we are able to cater to the needs of families throughout Southampton. 

Arranging a funeral service can be very distressing and we appreciate that you need support now more than ever. The team at Henry Powell & Son can help you to decide whether a burial or cremation is in order by taking into consideration the deceased’s religion, family traditions and their preference. 

It’s up to you whether you hold a full funeral service prior to cremation or a short committal service, either way we can help you to choose music, flowers, songs and design personalised service sheets. At the end of the service, the coffin may move from sight whilst the curtains draw to a close or it may stay in situe, let us know what you would prefer and we will accommodate your wishes. 

When considering where your loved one will be buried, the choice usually comes down to a church yard or cemetery in your local area of Southampton. Whether you are able to use an existing grave or create a new one depends on availability and your local authority. Before the funeral service we will help you to obtain the relevant documentation for a shared grave and make sure there’s enough space in the grave for your loved one to re-join their family. 

Eco-friendly woodland burials are an alternative to traditional burials and cremations. Your loved one may have expressed a desire to be buried in such a manner, if so we are able to fulfil their wishes and take the weight off your shoulders at such a difficult time. 

If you have a funeral service to plan and would like the support of experienced undertakers in your area of Southampton, contact Henry Powell & Son today